Alcohol Delivery In Toronto

Do you want alcohol or wine brought to you in the area? What about snacks, cigarettes, soda, or zigzags? With our service, you don’t have to leave your house to get wine, beer, liquor, or spirits delivered to your door.

Our drivers are trained to pick up your alcohol, convenience items, and cigarettes quickly and efficiently. 

We know how busy you are, so our team is here to help if you need anything. Our drivers know how the city works, and we’ve been doing business in the Toronto area for a long time.

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What Do We Deliver?

We have the tools and skills to make a wide range of products, such as the ones below:

We have a wide range of wines, from Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay.

Beer: This is a must for any party, and we can deliver all the most popular brands from the LCBO or The Beer Store.

Alcohol: If you can buy it at a liquor store, we can bring it to you.

Items from Convenience Stores: There is always a convenience store near where you pick up your alcohol delivery in Toronto. We’re happy to get chips, chocolate bars, or any other snacks you want. Don’t forget the cigarettes or zigzags.

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How Much Does Alcohol Delivery Cost?

No matter how big or small your order is, we are happy to deliver it right to your door. Liquor Delivery 289 will only charge a flat rate of $15 for delivery. 

We do not add extra charges to any of the items you order. The price you pay for your items at the LCBO or Beer Store, plus our flat fee, will be the same as that price. The only other cost you might have is a transaction fee for processing your debit or credit card. 

The best way to avoid transaction fees is to pay with cash or an eTransfer. Our flat fee makes the cost of delivering alcohol easy and effective. Call us today for the best LCBO and Beer Store delivery service in Toronto.

Other Things We Can Do

We not only offer the delivery service you want, but we also pick up empty bottles to bring back to The Beer Store. You can put “empties pickup” as one of the line items on your instant order form or ask for it when you call in your order. 

When your order comes, the driver will take your empty bottles from you and pay you half the deposit value for them. For example, if the deposit on a bottle of beer is 10 cents and you return a 24-pack of bottles ($2.40), your driver will give you back 5 cents per bottle, which adds up to $1.20. 

This can be done before or after you pay for your delivered order. It can also be used to pay off the rest of your delivery. The driver keeps the other half of the return value as payment for the extra service.